#ProjectRed: Fiesta MK7 Stage 1


Project Red MK7 is undergoing for Stage 1 modification on our editor's 2011 Fiesta MK7 Powershift. Still on testing stage. Mods done are custom cat-back exhaust with twin exit tail pipe (Milltek sound & style), sport cat, 4-1 headers & J1 … [Read more...]

Sounds of Underground EP 021 @Under9


Sounds of Underground started back in 2012 in Quinte, Kuala Lumpur (KL) by Dilee D. Sounds of Underground is more than a non-commercial music event. People always manage to stay and party until wee hour in the morning and make it their … [Read more...]

5 Easiest Way To Fall Asleep / Sleep Therapy


Having insomnia and not able to sleep well at night? Check out my way that might help you fall asleep easier. Yes a good night sleep without any distraction or disturbance. After having 5 way to sleep better at night, now is time to find … [Read more...]

#AsiaTourExclusive: DJ Nakadia Interview


An interview with Thailand’s very own Nakadia who was on Asia tour in 2015, welcomed Cocoon boss Sven Vath debut event at Cha-Cha Moon Beach Club in Koh Samui recently. She traveled all year long for gigs worldwide and very well-known to … [Read more...]