Neo Tamarind

Neo Tamarind, Jalan Sultan Ismail

Neo Tamarind is a stylish luxe-lounge style restaurant with an innovative concept. Ideally located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur next to Wisma KFC, the stylish lounge promises guests the chance to unwind and transform from "neurotic to … [Read more...]

Funky House Music

20 Top Funky House Music of All Time

EDMDroid presents the top 20 funky house music of all time. Lets take a break from commercialized EDM and here we revealed 20 funky house tracks selection. Going back to basic with best disco funky house tracks. Funky house music never dies … [Read more...]

Ghost Car Mystery

Ghost Car That Made Everyone Puzzled

The video titled ‘Ghost Car’ has became the discussion of many that leave everyone puzzled. The video footage comes from the result of a driver’s dashboard camera in Russia. As previously reported in, a black BMW sedan 033PA177, … [Read more...]