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Armada Night Post Event Photos @ MAEPS KL

Dance music enthusiasts were in for a treat when Armada Night marked its outdoor outing for the first time in Malaysia with a complete success. Armada Night took place at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) in Kuala Lumpur complete with food stalls, beverages and car drift action to complete the exhilarating trance experience. The crowd are cheering and enjoying 8 hour ride into the Armada and local DJs’ sound.

Armada Music is a name that is synonymous with dance music. Over the years Armada Nights successfully attracted thousands of dance lovers to various locations across the globe, from Netherlands to the US, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, and now in Malaysia. Armada night includes trance culture heavyweights Max Graham, Antillas, Bjorn Akesson, Matt Davey and supported by Malaysia’s finest local DJs including Ramsey Westwood, Samuel Dan, Leey Houdini, Hana K, Nas-T and many more. As expected, Bjorn Akesson, the most anticipated act of the night, magically swept everybody off their feet with his set. Max Graham and Antillas blew the crowd away with their high energy and excitement. The night ended with Matt Davey taking the party to the next level resulting in perfect overdose of impressive trance sound.

The venue was good to go from 4pm however due to technical difficulties; the gate was open from 7pm onwards. As the crowd were stoked and to ready for action, the night soon transitioned to an adrenaline-charged dance night when the local DJs jump starts the party with the latest hits and their creative mash ups. Ramsey Westwood, one of the forthcoming talents in the local EDM scene, dropped his own original track meanwhile Leey Houdini debuted 4 new mash-ups, prepared exclusively for Armada Night.

Armada Night is an 18 and above event was brought by Twelve Malaysia. Twelve Malaysia is an EDM platform created by Duago Corporation Sdn Bhd. Amin Jay, the founder of Twelve Malaysia and managing director of Duago Corporation Sdn Bhd said “I’ve always created my own events and done my own parties. But I really wanted the people to see I have more water in my well. Twelve is a platform that I created and to have DJs who believe in the music they are playing. I was able to exercise the fact that a different style of music existed that put me and Twelve Malaysia where we are today.” Talking about Armada Night, Amin added “When Twelve Malaysia was given the opportunity to do Armada Night; I never doubted for a minute that it wouldn’t be successful. We were offering something different and unique. It was a bit off a challenge but it certainly paid off.” Stay connected with the Twelve Malaysia Facebook -group/twelvemalaysia/ and Twitter – @twelvemalaysia for more information and other upcoming exclusive updates.