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DJ SkinZ

Eder aka DJ SkinZ, first entered the DJ’ing scene at the tender age of 19. A profound Disk Jockey, born July of 1990 residing in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, always strongly attuned to his and other’s musical preferences. Scratching his CDJ to wide variations such as House, Electro, Dutch, and others.

A strong eagerness to spread the love within music is what drives him to keep rocking, from the year 2008 and for years to come. His only belief is: ‘Where there is life, there is music’.


Genre: Open Format

Club Experience
Dee Bangkok -JB
De’Bali -JB
Gozar -JB
Platinum Bistro -JB
City Plaza (Christmas eve) -JB
Grand Paragon (Halloween Night) -JB
Showhouse@Sutera (Halloween Night) -JB
Emperor Club (Halloween Night) -KCH
Venice Bar & Bistro -JB
Showhouse Gastro Bar (Sentosa) – Chap Goh Mei -JB
Legato Bistro & Bar -JB
Live Pub & Bistro -JB
Showhouse Gastro Bar -JB
Volcano Pub & Bistro – JB
Aquasonic club – JB