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DJ Juicy M Mixing Without Headphone on Vinyl & CDJs – Part 3

Lets see how Juicy M showing how to mix without headphones on Vinyl, in this tutorial video you can view the tips and tricks of how to mix without headphones using regular vinyl, Serato Scratch Live and CDJs.

One of the hottest topic this week, every fans of Juicy M is requesting video about mixing without headphone using vinyl.So finally we can view the 11 minutes video recorded at PRODJ School in Kiev.

DJ Juicy M told their fans on Facebook, “I’m not suggesting you to play without headphones. Actually I use it all the time when I’m playing my sets in the clubs. It’s just an example of what is possible and how to do this. So you know next time – nothing really strange if DJs are not using headphones.

Her first video recorded mixing on 4 CDJs without dj headphone get over 500,000 of views on Youtube!

Photo credit – DJ Juicy M