#Thirst 2013
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The Heineken #Thirst 2013 Experience

It’s true, the third time’s a charm. Heineken Thirst made its debut as Malaysia’s EDM festival in 2011. This year it returned with another crowd pleasing lineup. The notion of Parisian DJ David Guetta headlining may not be everyone’s idea of perfect but toss in a festival closing appearance by Dutch electronic duo W&W and Nervo’s standard loud, dirty and in your face beats, the night felt complete.

The thousands who flocked down to the Sepang International Circuit seemed down for anything- from Afrojack’s crossover kick of this year’s singles “The Spark” and his super-charged up remix of Miley’s track “Wrecking Ball” to our local superstars Goldfish and Blink, the indie/electro DJ Bunga and JUICE Magazines best new DJs of 2012, B.A.T.E.

Arriving at Sepang nearing 8:30, we got in pretty smoothly. The traffic was decent and well managed even though the rave was in full swing inside. We parked our car at the VIP area, and took the shuttle to the VIP entrance. It led us straight to the VIP area which linked to the massive Green Stage where lasers beaming back and forth got us pumped for the night we were in for. Even though, Green Stage was bigger and had the iconic green backdrop, standard at Thirst, the Star Arena was much better. Stars hung from the roof of the stage enclosed by LED screens all around. Lights beamed around to the beat of the music and gas cannons were released at every other drop.

The two stages were not that far apart so it was easy to switch between acts. The two different stages made complete sense as Green Stage was for the more mainstream lot and Star Arena catered to the traditional ravers out of us.

Madeon pulled out a small crowd but everyone there seemed to be enjoying his show. He mixed well and built up well to his euphoric song Technicolour. The music flowed smoothly, classic rave style. DJ Wire came on next with his music which left us in a constant shift of gears. He played a variety of beats from hip hop to drum and bass. Nervo rocked the other stage with their complete package of singing, dancing and being fashionably on point. When Example came back on everyone went wild with his tunes ‘Well Be Coming Back’ and ‘Say Nothing’. DJ Wire chose to end with Bob Marley which drove the crowd absolutely mad. Some loved it and the others ran in the opposite direction to Green Stage.

Nervo & Rehab at Thirst 2013
The other stage had Rehab and Nervo bringing down the house with their hyped up beats pumping up the crowd for Afrojack. The interlude between Nervo and Afrojack was the much anticipated Green Moment which the good people at Heineken thirst made sure was not disappointing with a multitude of fireworks in the sky. Afrojack came on straight after all the while interacting with the crowd all the while displaying some sick visuals. The gas cannons blew some much needed air into the crowds.

W&W at Thirst 2013
W&W played on the other stage until much after Guetta and hardcore ravers were secretly relieved as they made their way to the opposite stage. With their hits ‘Lift Off’ and ‘Thunder’ they sent everyone home happy. This year’s Thirst lived up to my expectations. Kudos to the management on fixing the problems they faced last year at Tiesto. From cheaper water, easier exits and some never seen before visuals, add this to my list of unforgettable nights!

Photos credit : Rukes.com