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PSY – ‘Gentlemen’ Official Music Video

Here comes the famous South Korean PSY performing his second single release titled “Gentlemen“. But looks like there’s a leak on the internet before the new single release but it’s blocked. PSY tweeted on his Twitter and said “Psy’s new single Gentlemen blocked online within minutes of its debut.”

“Gentlemen” is a Korean pop dance song with uplifting beats, tight bass and electro pop type of music young people like nowadays! Alright, less talking now, check the new and official music video Gentlemen below! The new video posted on Youtube already getting 18,891,703 of hits after 23 hours release. Massive!

Of course do not forget about the dance as well, PSY said that every Korean know this dance. For those who don’t, maybe we can learn a few dance moves on the video.

Download PSY’s Gentlemen here.

Alright in case you have no idea what the song is about, check out the live performance concert below with lyric!

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