Top Sexy Female DJs in The World
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The 10 Sexiest Female Model DJs 2012

Here we revealed the 10 sexiest female model DJs ranked in early 2013. It’s all about headphone and heels, they’re gorgeous and they spins house, electro, RnB, Hip Hop, trance. Some of the female DJs below are featured in Playboy, Maxim, FHM magazines etc. Who are the chosen one as the top 10 model DJs by Yes, we have indeed changed the position of the female DJs for 2013, the one and only results of beauty and a beat you can find, in this original post by us.

We also revealed a new list of the World’s Sexiest DJ in summer 2013 to finalized the new ranking of the female djs.

The 10 sexiest model DJs selected by us, hailing from every corners of the world, from USA to Europe! It’s time to roll the drums after the jump! The Djanes below are only for reference to promoters and viewing by our readers only. The list of female model djs that are able to get you on the dancefloor and shake your booty. Beauty is the word to describe but also with skills on the Pioneer decks. 

#10 – DJ Seherezade (Hungary)


DJ Seherezade is a young model and DJ. She appeared in magazines doing interviews and covershootings for FHM. She has a charming face, personality and technical knowledge convince the audience to love her and support her on the decks! Music genre : Commercial House, Techhouse, Electrohouse, Dance

#9 – DJ Lisa Kensington (New York)


DJ Lisa Kensington from USA is a DJ and former model, she’s gorgeous yet with strong skills on the decks & knobs spinning some of the best electronic music you can hear. One of Clubbing9ine’s favourite female dj of all time… Music genre : Electronic Dance Music

#8 – DJane Teri (Ukraine)


DJ Teri, ranked at #8 is one of the beautiful dj from Kiev who toured world wide, from the continent of Europe, Africa, Asia, India and rocked some of world’s most exclusive VIP nightclubs and festivals and playing alongside for dance music brands like Ministry Of Sound & Global Underground. She is unquestionably one of the most in demand and popular female DJ today.

#7 – DJ Tamara Sky (Miami)


Tamara Sky had headlined parties for celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Janet Jackson, Carmen Electra, Scott Storch, Jenny McCarthy, just to name a few. Tamara has the party rocking skills that can moved the dancefloor to  100th storey high, joking? No i’m not. Music genre : Electronic music

#5 – DJ Tenashar (Singapore)

DJ Tenashar Interview

On the fifth place, DJ Tenashar are definitely one of our favourite female DJ from Singapore. Tenashar is mixed of Spanish & Chinese, an Eurasian heritage. She’s a FHM model and a DJ who spins electronic dance music and creates dance track/video  mashups. Find out and read up this exclusive up-close interview with DJ Tenashar.

#5 – DJ Rhiannon (USA)

DJ Rhiannon

There’s a reason for DJ Rhiannon selected as one of the sexy dj in our list in 2013. Rhiannon is a versatile DJ in music, style and skills. She spins the hottest dance remixes of House, Electro, Hip Hop and Dubstep. Rhiannon has performed alongside many of the top DJs in the world including Steve Aoki, Nero, Tiesto, deadmau5, Benny Benassi, LMFAO and many more.

#4 – DJ Juicy M (Kiev, Ukraine)

Juicy M

Was voted #2 in sexiest djs list in 2011, DJ Juicy M is a hot looking girl but with an ultimate scratch technique. She has taken part in scratching competition like DMC World Eliminations in Ukraine and World Technical DJ Championship in Dubai. She received the “Best DJane Of The Year” at ProDJ Awards in 2010. DJ Juicy M spins RnB, Hip Hop and electro house. Juicy M tried her skills on 4 CDJs lately and she rocked it!

#3 – DJ Deborah De Luca (Italy)


Deborah De Luca was born under the shade of the Sails of Scampia (NAPLES) where she made the music a reason to live. She was very young when she moved to north italy, where she studied as a fashion designer before starting her adventure into the world of the night.. Hence the decision to pursue a career as a DJ.

And she takes little to assert herself. Because Deborah De Luca lives for music. She “steals” the sound around the world: taxis, hotels,street, television, and mix all together in the nightclub for creating a unique style in costant evolution.

#2 DJ – DJ Amely (Ukraine)


DJane Amely was a talented model and scratch DJ from Ukraine who started her professional career as DJ in 2008. She spins electro house and commercial as well as open format.

#1 The World’s Sexiest DJ – DJ Mari Ferrari (Russia)

Mari Ferrari Top 10 Sexiest

Mari Ferrari is a well known model, female DJ & producer from Russia and one of the world’s sexiest DJ selected by from 2011-2013. She played for many famous events including Fashion TV, Hed Kandi, and Formula One parties! One of the world’s best female dj who spins good house music.

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