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UMEK kicks off his last US tour of 2013

Apparently the Americans are hungry for a bit harder beats and fed up with country songs disguised as mainstage dance music anthems. Massive parties in Americas biggest venues are slowly starting to look like European raves in the nineties. Smart promoters realized that partygoers don’t want to listen to the same tracks they hear 10 times per day on the radio, but are eager to move and jump to bumpy beats without superstar singers features.

This is where UMEK steps in. His massive, 3-month tour started on the main stage of Insomniac’s Nocturnal Wonderland and continued through Canada, only to come back to Cali for a club show in LA’s Exchange and then another big stage at Beyond Wonderland. Also the famous Las Vegas strip is starting to follow the shifting trend, featuring the Slovenian DJ in Lavo.

UMEK is then heading to South America for two weeks and will return to the US with a bang to say goodbye to west coast on Escape from Wonderland and finish his longest yet visit to the States on the east coast, leaving for Asia.

Upcoming tour dates:
04. October 2013 / La Bolera / Bogota / Colombia
05. October 2013 / Paradise / Pereira / Colombia
10. October 2013 / Voodoo Lounge / Cordoba / Argentina
11. October 2013 / Crobar / Buenos Aires / Argentina
12. October 2013 / Mute / Mar Del Plata / Argentina
13. October 2013 / Punto Arroyo / Rosario / Argentina
18. October 2013 / Bijou / Boston / United States
19. October 2013 / Pacha / New York City / United States
25. October 2013 / FreakNight Festival / Seattle / United States
25. October 2013 / Foundation / Seattle / United States

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