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Candy Crush Saga Unlimited Lives Cheat

If you’re addicted to Candy Crush Saga, and don’t feel like waiting, we have unlimited lives cheat for you. That’s right, in case you used up all your 5 lives in Candy Crush Saga, there’s a way to get unlimited lives without waiting for the time countdown or ask your friends to send you life.

This post will revealed the secret or so called ‘cheat‘ for Candy Crush Saga unlimited lives, if you haven’t find out about this yet. All you need to do is just adjust some settings and it’s all done.

Step 1
Open up your Android Settings > System > Date & Time


Step 2
Turn off Automatic date & time

Step 3
Untick ‘Automatic time zone

Step 4
Set your time in advanced to 2-3 hours

Step 5
Open up your Candy Crush Saga, and TADA! Full lives!

Always repeat and repeat steps 4 to 5 whenever you depleted your lives. Now you can play without waiting as long as 28 minutes for full life. Enjoy and share this cheat if you like!